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We can monitor the behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of gathering information. This can include observation from a distance by means of electronic equipment and it can include simple, low or relatively low-technology methods such as human intelligence agents.
Your PI is your eyes, ears and “boots on the ground”.  Evidence such as surveillance video, witness accounts and physical evidence have a way of degrading over time. Surveillance cameras are usually on a loop and older video will be lost, witnesses may forget key details and other physical evidence could disappear or be tampered with.  Your PI is your case's personal detective. We will obtain incident scene photographs and video, accident recreations, witness interviews and statements, public safety personnel interviews and most important, review already completed incident reports from industries and public safety agencies.

As a general rule, it is always wise to talk directly to a spouse about issues and concerns as they arise. Talking to a spouse is the most effective way of resolving problems in an intimate relationship.  This general rule, however, does not apply when it comes to concerns about infidelity. Talking to a spouse, who is already cheating, only makes it more difficult to actually discover the truth.  While there are many options available when it comes to catching a husband or wife, hiring a private investigator is by far the most effective way of doing so.
We understand how much your children mean to you. There is nothing more important than securing their safety and ensuring they receive the financial support, proper care and loving attention they deserve.  Often in child custody and divorce matters, the one who hires a private investigator is the one who wins. The information you compile today could be the deciding factor in your case and in the quality and safety of your child’s life. Unfortunately, once the court’s decisions are made, the opportunity could be gone forever.  Equally, if you suspect your child is a victim of abuse or neglect, there is no time to wait. You need convincing evidence to mobilize law enforcement to intervene expeditiously on your child’s behalf. Every moment of abuse can feel like a lifetime and a lifetime is how long it can take to heal if allowed to continue.
Depending on why you need an asset check, the investigation can include a basic background check, a computer investigation, surveillance work, or a financial investigation. Asset investigations uncover exactly what sorts of collectible assets someone has and how secure these assets are.  Only an asset investigation conducted by a qualified private investigator can find out whether a business or person is using a fictitious business name, committing fraud, hiding assets, or has multiple judgments.
Workers’ compensation programs are meant to help those who are severely disabled, but some attempt to game the system by faking an injury to collect disability payments, thinking they will never be caught. Insurance fraud is typically very hard to catch than these cases, so private investigators like us are hired by insurance companies to catch fraudsters on tape.
Choosing the best employees for key positions could literally mean the success or failure of your company.  Pre–Employment screening is critical if you want to hire Productive, Qualified, Honest employees with High Morale and reduced tardiness/absenteeism. Employee Screening often heads off future cases of employee theft or fraud, saving you and your business thousands of dollars. Whether you need a simple verification of the honesty of an Associate’s application, or an in–depth Background Investigation of a prospective new CEO, the value of quality information obtained cannot be overstated.  We may not be able to help you find the “RIGHT” person for your job, but we can certainly help you avoid the “WRONG” one.
A private investigator serves an important role in a criminal defense investigation. That role is to find witnesses and evidence that will establish reasonable doubt – that will show the jury that there is reason to believe that the defendant is not actually responsible for committing the crime. When you use our services in a criminal defense investigation, we will take the time to understand the charges and the laws that relate to the crime. Once there's an understanding of the case in question, we will go over all of the materials that the defense team has received from the prosecutor.  We will go through routine reports from the police, everyday paperwork as well as copies of evidence, photographs, phone messages and witness statements related to the case. The goal of this is to determine whether or not there are any inconsistencies from one witness to the next or between the conclusions drawn and the evidence. 
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